Designer, PROBLEM SOLVER, Gearhead



Dedicated and highly motivated industrial designer with experience at industry leading Fortune 500, as well as family-owned organizations. Extensive knowledge of consumer product design, detailed CAD modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing, who excels at creating market successful consumer products within a scheduled time frame and budget utilizing the stage-gate process. Highly organized at communicating aesthetically pleasing designs to cross-functional departments including project management, mechanical engineering, marketing, sales, and executive leadership teams.


Led deep-dive consumer and competitive market research to optimize product decisions based on costs and feature sets to elevate multiple brands across various brick and mortar as well as online retailers. Thrives at critical problem solving under time-centric situations of the design process focusing on attention to detail to ensure the achievement of strict quality and safety standards with minimal supervision via automation, workflow, and documentation optimization.


Flexible problem-solving abilities working directly with domestic and international partners delivering real-time solutions to manufacturing challenges during the development stage whether in-person or utilizing digital communication and conferencing.


Currently employed at Gator Co. in Tampa FL as Industrial Design Manager.




I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but had a longing for warmer weather so I migrated South and have been living there for over 10 years. I am married and have two incredible kids and dogs.


I enjoy spending much of my time outdoors, at the beach, or traveling.  I grew up playing the sport of lacrosse and have been involved with playing or coaching for 14+ years.


Some of my passions are being a gear-head and working on my 92' Miata, 12' WRX, and 17' Wrangler. I also enjoy building and restoring furniture, decorating home interiors, and getting my hands dirty landscaping and renovating historic homes.