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NPD Process Flow Overview


I am a multi-disciplined designer; my specialties include product design, furniture design, graphic design, & illustration.

My goals for your projects include creating engaging, useful, and directed solutions aimed at specific researched markets. Every project is held to high standards and must meet the expectations & budget constraints of each and every client.


Please contact me with any business questions you may have about how you can benefit from my services.


Design Brief







Design Brief

When we connect, we can run through the critical project information such as your deadline, pricing, strategy, and specific expected outcome. I tailor my services to fit any sized project, and budget accordingly. You can expect every project we work on together to have a personal touch of professionalism.


Market Research

Research is crucial to successful projects. The earlier research information can be gathered the better. Demographics, shopping habits, consumer inputs, color and material trends, and competitive benchmarking are extremely beneficial to every developed project. This process allows every project to meet expected constraints, and will also provide data to prove why projects make sense for certain markets and consumers.


Concept Development

Develops from what was learned during research, trend, and market data inquires. These inputs provide the key design criteria, material constraints, and foreseeable engineering issues. Development techniques such as concept sketching, computer modeling, and photo-real renderings will provide content for the project moving forward.




Concepts and models are aligned with final strategy goals. Changes and tweaks are a common part of narrowing down projects to determine the best outcome for you. We can work together to refine how the concepts will leap off the page and on to the shelves.



My years of experience dealing with suppliers can help alleviate pressure with getting a project to market. I understand the importance of clear and concise communication with the supply chain. From initial prototypes, to final production run, we can work together to get your project to meet any final constraints and start selling in the market.



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